Hiking in North Kanto


Continuing on the quest to climb Japan's Top 100 Mountains list as well as dodge the heat in Tokyo and Kanagawa, I went up to North Kanto for a week and climbed five peaks: Mt. Nikko-Shirane, Mt. Hotaka, Mt. Tanigawa, Mt. Makihata, and Mt. Hiuchigatake.

20230726.1.Shirane.jpg 20230727.1.Gunma.jpg 20230727.2.Hotaka.jpg 20230727.3.Hotaka.jpg 20230728.1.Tanigawa.jpg 20230728.2.Tanigawa.jpg 20230728.3.Tanigawa.jpg 20230729.1.Makihata.jpg 20230729.2.Tadami.jpg 20230729.3.Minamiaizu.jpg 20230730.1.Hiuchigatake.jpg 20230730.2.Hiuchigatake.jpg 20230730.3.Hiuchigatake.jpg

This trip spanned from Gunma to Tochigi, then Niigata, and finally Fukushima. The distances as a crow flies for each hike, and even between trail heads and campgrounds, is relatively short, but the mountains are steep and the roads are curvy, so it takes a surprisingly long time to get anywhere... Which is just as well, because what's the rush? There's a lot to be discovered: campgrounds with no cell signal, bears, monkeys, foxes, good views, peace & quiet, cicadas, rain on the tent, wind. That's why I come up here.

20230731.1.Kanto.png 20230731.2.Kanto.png