Julie and Max got married recently, and they had a wedding reception in Taipei, Taiwan. James and Yuko and I flew over there for the party and some sightseeing. It's a three hour flight from Tokyo to Taiwan, and Julie and Max are pretty awesome people, so we thought it would be a swell way to spend a weekend. It was.

20191115.1.Tea.jpg 20191115.2.Walkway.jpg 20191116.1.Breakfast.jpg 20191116.2.James-Yuko.jpg 20191116.3.Dumplings.jpg 20191116.4.Max-Julie.jpg 20191117.1.Market.jpg 20191117.2.Egg.jpg 20191117.3.Max-Julie.jpg 20191117.4.Mango.jpg 20191117.5.Market.jpg 20191118.1.Breakfast.jpg Taiwan.svg