For summer vacation I went to Newfoundland to visit David and Amanda.

20180610.02.Canada.png 20180610.03.Eastern Newfoundland.png 20180815.07.Signal Hill.jpg 20180815.09.St. John's.jpg 20180815.10.Cape Spear.jpg 20180815.13.Cape Spear.jpg 20180817.01.Tim Hortons.jpg 20180818.02.Salvage.jpg 20180818.05.Douglas.jpg 20180818.09.David.jpg 20180819.02.Signal Hill.jpg 20180819.03.Signal Hill.jpg 20180820.02.Flower.jpg 20180820.06.Mall.jpg 20180821.02.Puffin.jpg

The scenery is beautiful. Lots of pine trees, some exposed rock. It's kind of like Maine or northern Vermont. The food has been pretty tasty but rather greasy. Fine for vacation, though. Lots of fries, fried cod, fried sea food, and other assorted brown and tan foods. Mostly sun, some clouds, some light rain. Nothing too hot, which is a nice contrast from the ridiculous temperatures we've had this summer in Tokyo.

Newfoundland is really far from most anywhere. I listened to Great Big Sea a lot back in college and thought it'd be neat to see the places they're singing about, but it's hard to get up here. Finally, with David and Amanda living here, I found the chance! There are fewer people here than I had somehow expected — the population of St. John's, the largest city, is 108,000 people. When parking or shopping or sightseeing, there's a lot more elbow space than I'm used to. It's quite relaxing.