Kyoto and Hiroshima


My class went on a trip to Kyoto and Hiroshima for spring break. It was a whirlwind tour, pretty cool, and here are some pictures. Our first day was in Kyoto.

20180322.05.Fushimi Inari.jpg 20180322.11.Memorial.jpg 20180322.13.Torii.jpg

On the second day we went to Hiroshima.

20180323.05.Okonomiyaki.jpg 20180323.10.Genbaku Dome.jpg 20180323.15.Genbaku Dome.jpg 20180323.16.Peace Memorial.jpg 20180323.17.Genbaku Dome.jpg

On the last day we went to Miyajima, an island SW of Hiroshima.

20180324.04.Miyajima.jpg 20180324.07.Itsukushima Jinja.jpg 20180401.01.Japan.png