Riding in Shikoku


For spring break this year, I made a plan and went motorcycle riding in Shikoku, Japan's south-central island. My goal was to see the mountains Tokushima and Kochi, and I did.

3月19日SundayFerry: Tokyo → Tokushima
3月20日Monday Ride in the mountains of Tsurugi.
Guest House Momonga Village
Visit the Kotohira Shrine
Guest House Momonga Village
3月22日Wednesday Ride in the mountains
Otaniso Hotel in Tokushima
3月23日Thursday Ride south around Cape Muroto
Otaniso Hotel in Tokushima
3月24日Friday Circumnavigate Awaji Island
Otaniso Hotel in Tokushima
3月25日SaturdayFerry: Tokushima → Tokyo
3月26日SundayGo home

20170326.01.Map.png 20170319.01.Ferry.jpg 20170319.02.Motorcycle.jpg 20170319.04.Ferry.jpg

The overnight ferry from Tokyo to Shikoku is perfect for motorcycle riders. You can read a book and sleep at night, and it arrives in Tokushima around noon. I tried taking a small back road up to the youth hostel, but it was still closed for the winter. Then I made a U-turn, and it started raining. Oh well. The hostel was warm and the people there were friendly. The next day was rainy too, so I kept the riding short: an hour to a nearby city, a leisurely lunch plus some window shopping, and an hour ride back.

20170321.02.Mountains.jpg 20170322.01.Udon.jpg 20170322.02.Ocean.jpg

For the rest of the trip, the weather was cooperative. The temperature was fairly low, but the light overcast days made for easy riding. I put about 1,100 kilometers on the bike, and the scenery was very enjoyable. March is still early season for Shikoku, and the roads were rather empty.

20170322.07.Bath.jpg 20170323.01.Temple.jpg 20170324.01.Mountains.jpg 20170324.03.Coast.jpg

Ride the motorcycle in the mountains and on the coast, read some books, study some Japanese—that's what it was, and it was good.