Friends and Nagano


Zoe, Marjorie, and Justin came to Japan for summer vacation. We had a good time doing sightseeing in Tokyo, Yamanashi, and Nagano. It's pretty exciting traveling around Japan with a six-year-old.

20160806.03.Zoe.jpg 20160806.04.Bentendo.jpg 20160807.01.Ghibli.jpg 20160808.01.Mitake.jpg 20160808.04.Flower.jpg 20160808.05.Mitake.jpg 20160808.10.Zoe-Justin-Marjorie.jpg

After four days in and around Tokyo, we rented a car, drove west into Yamanashi, picked some peaches and ate them, and continued north to Nagano City.

20160810.01.Hostel.jpg 20160810.08.Justin.jpg 20160811.02.Matsumoto Castle.jpg 20160811.04.Zoe.jpg 20160811.10.Matsumoto City Museum of Art.jpg

Marjorie, Justin, and Zoe hopped the train to Kyoto. On the way back, I took the Shiga-Kusatsu Road east through the mountains to Gunma, and then the expressway back to Tokyo. Although the outbound lanes were jam-packed with people leaving the city for Obon, going into the city was smooth sailing. The last time I drove was in December, and it was fun to get behind the wheel again on this trip.