For the JHS 9th grade school trip, we went to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The trip lasted seven days (June 7-13). The first and last day were only trips to and from the airport, which ought not count. Both long flights were overnight, and seven days means six nights, but two of these were on airplanes, which means the other four of which were in hotels. As such, though we spent seven days, it felt much more like a five day journey.

20120609.1230.map.png 20130609.62.Flinders Street Station.jpg 20130609.75.Queen Victoria Market.jpg 20130609.96.Royal Exhibition Building.jpg 20130609.97.Flinders Street Station.jpg 20130610.45.Meat pie.jpg 20130610.48.St. Patricks Cathedral.jpg 20130612.234.Koala.jpg 20130612.302.Opera House.jpg