Cold Breakfast Oatmeal


This is a recipe for cold breakfast oatmeal. It's a variant of Cathy's recipe.

Put oats in a 1 L mason jar, filling it 90% full. Then add the dried cranberries, nuts, and cinnamon. Put on the lid and shake to mix. Then add the honey, and finally add milk to fill the entire jar. Put on the lid and shake to mix. Store refrigerated. Wait 12+ hours before eating.

The oats will gradually absorb the milk. Each morning, after you spoon out your breakfast, add more milk to cover the oats.

Steel cut oats are chewy. You might prefer rolled oats (non-instant & uncooked). For rolled oats, around 300 g are needed. Pecans and apple slices are also delicious.

It takes me 4-5 days to finish off a batch. A pre-made high fiber tasty breakfast is great for those on the move.