All the Prefectures


This was a long weekend trip to Ishikawa with a dash of Fukui and Toyama. I'd been to Ishikawa and Toyama before, but only the big cities, and the Noto Peninsula to the north looked interesting. Fukui was the last remaining prefecture for me to visit in Japan. Now I've been to all 47!

10/31After work I biked home, grabbed my duffel bag, and walked to the train station. 🚅 Tokyo → Shintakaoka.🏨 Toyoko Inn Shintakaoka
11/1I rented a car and headed south to Tojinbo, a rocky outcrop in northern Fukui. Nice views. Then I headed north and drove on the beach at the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, a famous 8-kilometer road right next to the sea. This road is also on my sixteen motorcycle roads list, but it was perfectly enjoyable in a car, especially given the warm and clear autumn weather. In the evening I continued north up the Noto Peninsula, eventually arriving at a remote campground just after sunset.⛺ Minazuki Campground
11/2The rain and wind kicked in overnight, but it wasn't an issue. Turn on the heat in the car to full and you dry out fast enough. I headed SE to Noto Island and checked out the Notojima Aquarium. It was a pretty cool aquarium. There were hammerheads, dolphins, penguins, and a neat projectors-and-mirrors room with psychedelic visuals along with the fish. After lunch I stopped by Wakura Onsen for a bath. It was a giant wooden building, quite majestic. In the evening I continued south to another free campground near Himi. Rain continued until around five the next morning.⛺ Amarabashi Camping Ground
11/3It was a short morning: get up, boil water, eat instant ramen, drink coffee, pack up, and head back to the car rental place before hopping the shinkansen. This was a short trip, only two full days, but there was fun stuff to see and do. 🚅 Shintakaoka → Tokyo.

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