Favorite Books


The other day, Robby Feldman came to my school and held a workshop for my tenth graders. One of the slides in his presentation was a montage of books that impacted him in his life, and it was cool to look at and think about, so here's mine.

Books/Desert Solitaire.jpg Books/Neuromancer.jpg Books/Fear and Loathing 72.jpg Books/Better Than Sex.jpg Books/1984.jpg Books/Politics and the English Language.jpg Books/Parkinson's Law.jpg Books/Letter from Birmingham Jail.jpg Books/How to Solve It.jpg Books/Gaijin Smash.jpg Books/Sand and Foam.png Books/The Culture Map.jpg Books/The Diversity of Life.jpg Books/A Wizard of Earthsea.jpg Books/The Lord of the Rings.jpg Books/The Short Stories.jpg Books/Old Man at the Bridge.jpg Books/The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.jpg Books/Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.jpg Books/The Great Gatsby.png Books/The Dharma Bums.jpg Books/My Losing Season.jpg Books/Mineralogy.jpg Books/Where the Red Fern Grows.jpg Books/The Anatomy of Stretching.jpg Books/A Guide to Japanese Grammar.jpg

My main criteria for these books is whether I feel they impacted my life. Great books are usually ones you re-read, because you keep learning more from them. There are several short stories and philosophy papers that could be included but aren't shown above partly because I couldn't find a cover image, and also because they aren't exactly books.

One interesting thing is that although I'm an English teacher, few of the above books are specifically about teaching or education. A lot of my knowledge about teaching is from websites, other teachers, and my dad.