Canadian Province Flashcards


This is a deck of maps of Canada's provinces and territories. Canada only has thirteen provinces and territories in total, so it won't take long to learn. These images are SVG, so they'll scale well to any size screen.

Here's the 13-card package for Anki.

Canadian Provinces/Alberta.svgAlberta
Canadian Provinces/British Columbia.svgBritish Columbia
Canadian Provinces/Manitoba.svgManitoba
Canadian Provinces/New Brunswick.svgNew Brunswick
Canadian Provinces/Newfoundland and Labrador.svgNewfoundland and Labrador
Canadian Provinces/Northwest Territories.svgNorthwest Territories
Canadian Provinces/Nova Scotia.svgNova Scotia
Canadian Provinces/Nunavut.svgNunavut
Canadian Provinces/Ontario.svgOntario
Canadian Provinces/Prince Edward Island.svgPrince Edward Island
Canadian Provinces/Quebec.svgQuebec
Canadian Provinces/Saskatchewan.svgSaskatchewan
Canadian Provinces/Yukon.svgYukon

If you're thinking of visiting Canada some day, it might be handy to know the general geography. Also, having some general geographic awareness of a country helps you connect with people who tell stories about the place when they lived or visited there.