Tops and Bottoms


My dance group was invited to perform in a new musical called Tops & Bottoms. We performed at the Akasaka Blitz venue on August seventh. The musical itself was composed of professional musical theater performers. Four dance groups appeared in dance-only events and as back dancers in musical songs. My group was organized by Kraus, Ryota, and Ayano. We had three songs: a standalone dance number to the song Boogie Wonderland, a masquerade ball dance to the song Keep My Cool, and a back dance segment for a fight scene and song from the musical.

20180623.01.Poster.jpg 20180806.01.Cast.jpg 20180807.05.Group.jpg

I only have a short video clip from Boogie Wonderland. Usually dance events aren't strict about photography, but this is a new musical, and I suppose the production team has some idea of how they want to market it. That's OK, but unfortunately it means I don't have video of the whole thing.