School Pictures


Here are some pictures from my school. Before I got the job, I had to go to Tokyo for the interview. I had some free time then, and later when I came down for training, to see the place and take some pictures.

2011-12-18.5593.musashino.jpg 2012-01-15.0153.musashino_u.jpg 2012-01-15.0161.musashino_u.jpg 2012-04-13.0939.musashino.jpg 2012-04-13.0946.musashino.jpg 2012-07-27.2244.Hallway.jpg 2012-07-27.2246.Hallway.jpg 2012-07-27.2248.Hallway.jpg 2012-07-27.2249.ECR.jpg 2012-07-27.2255.Hallway.jpg 2012-07-27.2259.mj.jpg 2012-07-30.2263.mj.jpg 2012-07-30.2264.MJ.jpg 2012-07-30.2271.mj_kodo.jpg 2012-07-30.2276.musashino_u.jpg 2012-07-30.2279.musashino_u.jpg 2012-07-30.2283.mj.jpg 2012-10-14.2994.MJ.jpg 2012-11-26.3170.musashino_u.jpg 2012-12-20.3343.ecr.jpg 2012-12-20.3345.ecr.jpg 2012-12-20.3348.ecr.jpg 2012-12-20.3350.ecr.jpg 2012-12-20.3351.ecr.jpg

The south wing (南館) of the school was the old school building, and they hadn't used the rooms there as regular classrooms for years. We used to have a large old staff room just for English conversation and international exchange events. The room was called the ECR.

2013-01-11.3972.MJ Staff Room.jpg 2013-01-11.3974.MJ Staff Room.jpg 2013-05-07.95.Musashino University.jpg 2013-05-23.53.Classroom.jpg 2013-05-23.54.School.jpg 2013-07-03.MJ.jpg 2013-08-17.50.Nakaniwa.jpg 2013-08-17.51.Nakaniwa.jpg 2013-08-17.52.Nakaniwa.jpg 2013-10-09.02.Gym.jpg 2013-11-06.01.Free Room.jpg 2013-11-06.02.Free Room.jpg 2013-11-06.03.Free Room.jpg 2013-11-06.04.Free Room.jpg 2013-11-06.05.Free Room.jpg 2013-11-21.01.Musashino University.jpg 2013-12-25.19.XMas.jpg 2013-12-25.20.XMas.jpg 2013-12-25.21.XMas.jpg 2013-12-25.22.XMas.jpg

In the spring of 2013, the south wing was demolished. The ECR was temporarily relocated to the browsing room in the library. We were supposed to somehow share the room with the library, but it was not a useful setup because the library didn't allow food and drink, and its closing hours were too early, so we held all of our events in elective classrooms. The view from the second floor library window was quite nice, though.

2014-01-29.01.Classroom.jpg 2014-08-07.03.Musashino.jpg 2014-08-07.04.Suzuki Kaido.jpg 2014-08-07.05.Suzuki Kaido.jpg 2014-09-27.01.Misaka-Doug.jpg 2014-11-12.388.Courtyard.jpg 2014-11-12.391.Hallway.jpg 2014-11-12.393.Hallway.jpg 2014-11-12.394.Hallway.jpg 2014-12-24.02.Room.jpg 2014-12-24.03.Room.jpg 2014-12-24.04.Room.jpg 2014-12-24.05.Room.jpg

After two years, the English department and I convinced the administration to let us make a new ECR out of one of the elective classrooms. We got the room in early 2015.

2015-04-06.03.Gym.jpg 2015-04-06.04.School.jpg 2015-05-16.04.Water.jpg 2015-05-29.05.ECR.jpg 2015-05-29.06.ECR.jpg 2015-05-29.07.ECR.jpg 2015-05-29.08.ECR.jpg 2015-06-27.09.Gym.jpg

Midway through the 2016 school year, the school demolished the old gym and started building a new one. Also, Mr. Harada found us a bookshelf for the ECR.

2016-01-27.01.Seccho Kodo.jpg 2016-01-30.01.Hallway.jpg 2016-01-30.02.Classroom.jpg 2016-01-30.03.Classroom.jpg 2016-01-30.04.Classroom.jpg 2016-01-30.05.Classroom.jpg 2016-01-30.06.Hallway.jpg 2016-01-30.07.Hallway.jpg 2016-01-30.08.Courtyard.jpg 2016-04-06.01.Campus.jpg 2016-05-14.01.Musashino University.jpg 2016-05-14.02.Musashino University.jpg 2016-05-25.01.ECR.jpg 2016-05-25.02.ECR.jpg 2016-05-25.03.ECR.jpg 2016-05-25.04.ECR.jpg 2016-05-25.05.ECR.jpg 2016-10-31.10.Free Room.jpg 2016-10-31.14.Free Room.jpg 2016-11-19.01.Nisshi.jpg 2016-11-24.01.School.jpg

The cafeteria is in the basement of the university's main administration building. Usually the cafeteria is split in two, junior and senior high school students use about a third of the space, and university students use the remaining two thirds. When the university is on holiday, everyone uses the junior and senior high school side. The menus and prices are the same.

2017-01-10.01.Lunch.jpg 2017-01-10.02.Cafeteria.jpg 2017-01-10.02.Store.jpg 2017-01-12.01.Office.jpg 2017-01-21.01.Gate.jpg

It snows in Tokyo a few times a year. The university has one snow plow, and everything else is shoveled by hand.

20180123.02.University.jpg 20180123.04.School.jpg 20180123.05.School.jpg 20180123.06.School.jpg

In 2019, we yet again moved and redecorated the ECR. Also, the library was partly renovated to allow for more group work.

20190914.1.ECR.jpg 20190914.2.ECR.jpg 20190914.3.ECR.jpg 20190914.4.ECR.jpg 20190914.5.ECR.jpg 20190914.6.ECR.jpg 20191011.1.Library.jpg 20191011.2.Library.jpg 20191011.3.Library.jpg 20191011.4.Library.jpg 20191011.5.Library.jpg 20191011.6.Library.jpg 20200327.1.Field.jpg 20200327.2.Sidewalk.jpg 20200402.1.Sidewalk.jpg 20200404.2.Gate.jpg

The autumn of 2020 had some amazing foliage.

20201114.1.Campus.jpg 20201114.2.Campus.jpg

Here are some 2021 pictures.


Here are some maps.

20210918.1.Musashino.png 20210918.2.Musashino.jpg 20210918.3.Musashino.jpg 20210918.4.Musashino.png 20210918.5.Musashino.jpg 2012-01-31.0092.musashino.png