Halloween Party


We have a Halloween Party at my school every year. This year, Julie and Ann, our new English teachers, mixed things up with some new activities.

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Party Poster

A flashy party poster is important. If you don't advertise, who's going to show up? And when they do, you need a sign-in sheet to keep track of names, classes, and grades. For organization, creating a layout of the room is nice.

2016-10-31.02.Poster.png 2016-10-31.03.Sign-in.png 2016-10-31.01.Layout.png

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving in Japan is quite rare. For most of our students, this is the first time they'll do pumpkin carving in their lives. It seems to me that they're quite skilled with knives.

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M&M Guessing Game

Just for fun, fill a small glass jar with M&Ms from a king size bag. Students guess how many M&Ms are in the jar, and the student with the best guess wins them.


Beer pong is a time-honored college student game in the U.S., and at my school we play a non-drinking alcohol-free variant. It's still fun.

2016-10-31.12.Pong.jpg Pong.1.svg Pong.2.svg


If you have any pictures of pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns, print them out and put them on the walls. If you don't, get on the internet and find some.

Rolling Video

We have a projector. I reserved it for the party, grabbed a bunch of five minute videos relating to Halloween from YouTube, and set up shop. There's all sorts of cool stuff: costume design, animal costumes, costume parties, movie trailers, The Simpsons Halloween Special openings, and my favorite, Michael Jackson's The Thriller.


Teachers should wear costumes, and as many students as you can convince to wear costumes should do so, too. You never know who will have what kind of outfits lying around.


When shopping for food, I go to Kaldi Coffee, the foreign food store, see what's on sale, and buy some of that. There are many kinds of snack food, and it's nice to balance sugary snacks with other food.


It can get cold in late October, so the experienced party planner has both warm and cold drinks on hand. There should be drinks with and without sugar.

Bug Juice

Ann brought a recipe for "bug juice" with her from the United States. Mix, and enjoy!

Zombie Eyes

Get a can of olives, label it as "zombie eyes", drain the juice, and serve. Most students will not like them, but it's fine to try food you don't like, especially if it's only a small piece and only once.

2016-10-31.04.Zombie Eyes.png

Mystery Box

Take a cardboard box face-down on a table. Make holes for students to reach their hands inside, and place various food items there with textures that resemble human body parts. This can lead to screaming.

Bobbing for Apples

Put water in a bucket, apples in the water, and ask students to bite the apples to pick them up out of the water. If you're unlucky, students will ask you to play, too.


Pin the Beard on the Werewolf

This is a variant on the classic party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It's simple and fun.


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