Friends and Nagano


Zoe, Marjorie, and Justin came to Japan for summer vacation. We had a good time doing sightseeing in Tokyo, Yamanashi, and Nagano. It's pretty exciting traveling around Japan with a six-year-old.

2016-08-06.01.Flower.jpg 2016-08-06.02.Shinobazu Pond.jpg 2016-08-06.03.Zoe.jpg 2016-08-06.04.Bentendo.jpg 2016-08-07.01.Ghibli.jpg 2016-08-08.01.Mitake.jpg 2016-08-08.02.Mitake.jpg 2016-08-08.03.Zoe.jpg 2016-08-08.04.Flower.jpg 2016-08-08.05.Mitake.jpg 2016-08-08.08.Mountains.jpg 2016-08-08.09.Marjorie-Zoe.jpg 2016-08-08.10.Zoe-Justin-Marjorie.jpg

After four days in and around Tokyo, we rented a car, drove west into Yamanashi, picked some peaches and ate them, and continued north to Nagano City.

2016-08-09.01.Grapes.jpg 2016-08-09.02.Peaches.jpg 2016-08-09.03.Peaches.jpg 2016-08-10.01.Hostel.jpg 2016-08-10.08.Justin.jpg 2016-08-10.09.Douglas.jpg 2016-08-10.10.Mirrors.jpg 2016-08-10.11.Marjorie-Zoe.jpg 2016-08-11.01.Matsumoto Castle.jpg 2016-08-11.02.Matsumoto Castle.jpg 2016-08-11.03.Matsumoto Castle.jpg 2016-08-11.04.Zoe.jpg 2016-08-11.05.Matsumoto City Museum of Art.jpg 2016-08-11.06.Matsumoto City Museum of Art.jpg 2016-08-11.07.Matsumoto City Museum of Art.jpg 2016-08-11.08.Matsumoto City Museum of Art.jpg 2016-08-11.09.Matsumoto City Museum of Art.jpg 2016-08-11.10.Matsumoto City Museum of Art.jpg 2016-08-11.11.Zenkoji.jpg 2016-08-11.12.Zenkoji.jpg 2016-08-11.13.Zenkoji.jpg 2016-08-12.01.Nagano.jpg

Marjorie, Justin, and Zoe hopped the train to Kyoto. On the way back, I took the Shiga-Kusatsu Road east through the mountains to Gunma, and then the expressway back to Tokyo. Although the outbound lanes were jam-packed with people leaving the city for Obon, going into the city was smooth sailing. The last time I drove was in December, and it was fun to get behind the wheel again on this trip.