Danish Oatmeal Balls


This is a recipe by Emma og Anne for danish oatmeal balls (gode havregrynskugler) from Alletiders Kogebog. Kaya, my school's Danish exchange student, wanted to do cooking for the annual school Christmas party. We don't have easy access to the kitchen, and she thought of this no-bake recipe. Kaya tells me that many kids in Denmark make these kinds of snacks around Christmas time. With this kind of food, as long as there's enough butter for everything to stick together, you can make small adjustments according to your own tastes.

In a bowl, mix the coffee, sugar, oatmeal, and cocoa powder. Then mix in the butter. Use your fingers to crush everything together until it forms a sticky mass.

With your fingers, make 1" balls. Roll these in coconut powder or powdered sugar and put them on a tray. Optionally, cover the tray and refrigerate for 2 or more hours. Refrigeration brings out the flavor, but if you're pressed for time, eat the oatmeal balls immediately after making them. Enjoy.

One batch produces around thirty balls. These oatmeal balls are sweet and buttery. They go well with tea or coffee.

20151108.03.Oatmeal balls.jpg