Say What You Think


For my twelfth grade English conversation class this year, I wrote a short textbook titled, Say What You Think. I wrote the book for high school seniors in Japan, who I teach, though it should be usable with eleventh graders or motivated tenth graders. The class met for fifty minutes once a week, with an annual total of around thirty classes. The ideal pace is approximately one page a day, with adjustments for projects, presentations, and tests. The textbook and related materials are under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. You can do most anything with it, as long as you cite the author (me) and source (i.e., this webpage). I think education materials should be free wherever possible. This makes it easy for teachers to share ideas and teach as effectively as possible. If this textbook is of interest or use to you, please talk, blog, or write about it.


The book is bundled with worksheets, listening tracks, quizzes, and other supplementary materials. It's available on Archive.org. Here are the current and previous versions.