Kanji of the Day


This is a script to produce a piece of HTML showing kanji of the day and some information about it. Use it to generate a bit of HTML for a kanji of the day setup in an RSS feed or blog post. The source is hosted on GitHub, and here is version 1.3.

Kanji are Japanese characters. Thousands exist, and around 2,000 are commonly used. If you want to learn them, you should study in many ways. Kanji of the day is a tool to buttress whatever other study methods you already have. If you're already doing reading practice, it's sometimes helpful to focus on a single character and see some common words that make use of the the character.

Some other websites already offer something similar. I've used Yookoso happily in the past. It offers much the same kind of thing as can be found here, along with many other useful study tools. On the other hand, you can't play around with third party websites. You don't get to decide what the information looks like, and if you dislike the formatting, tough luck. And if someone else's site goes down, you can't fix it. This project gives you an extra level of control. To see this code in action, visit https://kotd.dperkins.org/. You can use those feeds for your own purposes, if you like. Or, deploy your own instance and customize it as you like.