Body Parts Flashcards


Here is a collection of cartoon images of body parts. The images are mostly from Clker. All graphics are in the public domain. The images are JPG or PNG, and are bounded at 800x800 in size. If you see any mistakes, please contact me so I can fix them. If you're looking for Anki flashcards, here you go.

Body/ankle.jpg 足首 あしくび ankle
Body/arch.png 土踏まず つちふまず arch of the foot
Body/armpit.png わき armpit
Body/back.jpg back
Body/back_of_the_hand.png 手の甲 てのこう back of the hand
Body/body.png からだ body
Body/bottom.jpg お尻 おしり bottom
Body/brain.jpg のう brain
Body/calf.png こむら calf
Body/cheeks.png ほお cheeks
Body/chest.png むね chest
Body/chin.jpg あご chin
Body/clavicle.jpg 鎖骨 さこつ clavicle
collar bone
Body/ear.jpg みみ ear
Body/elbow.jpg 肘・肱・臂 ひじ elbow
Body/eyebrows.jpg まゆ eyebrows
Body/eye.jpg eye
Body/eyelash.png 睫・睫毛 まつげ eyelash
Body/fingernails.jpg つめ fingernails
Body/fist.jpg こぶし fist
Body/foot.jpg あし foot
Body/forearm.png 小手
Body/hair.jpg かみ hair
Body/head.jpg あたま head
Body/heel.jpg かかと heel
Body/index_finger.jpg 人差し指 ひとさしゆび index finger
Body/jaw.png 下顎 かがく・したあご jaw
Body/knee.jpg ひざ knee
Body/lips.jpg くちびる lips
Body/lungs.jpg はい lungs
Body/middle_finger.jpg 中指 なかゆび middle finger
Body/mouth.jpg くち mouth
Body/neck.jpg くび neck
Body/nose.jpg はな nose
Body/palm.jpg てのひら palm
Body/pinky.jpg 小指 こゆび pinky
Body/ribs.png あばら ribs
Body/ring_finger.jpg 薬指 くすりゆび ring finger
Body/shin.png はぎ shin
Body/shoulder_blades.jpg 肩甲骨 けんこうこつ shoulder blades
Body/shoulder.jpg かた shoulder
Body/sides.png わき sides
Body/teeth.jpg tooth
Body/thigh.jpg もも thigh
Body/thumb.jpg 親指 おやゆび thumb
Body/toes.jpg つま先 つまさき toes
Body/tongue.jpg した tongue
Body/waist.png こし waist
Body/wrist.jpg 手首 てくび wrist

Language Notes

There are multiple possible words for some of the pictures. The Japanese I've chosen is typically what I have heard people say. Still, depending who you talk to, and what you're doing, other words might be more common. In some cases, people commonly use a word derived from English, which I have not included here. For example, word "waist" could be translated to "koshi", shown above, but it could also be translated as "weisuto". There's not much point in studying the latter, and I have omitted that type of word here.

In English, we ordinarily denote plural nouns by appending an "s" to the singular form, so that for example the plural of "arm" is "arms". In Japanese, this is not done. Singular and plural are not typically distinguished by modifying the noun. For example, the word "te" means both "hand" and "hands". Instead, the numbers of things can be stated explicitly. For example, the words "tooth" and "teeth" are "ha" in Japanese, "one tooth" is "ha 1-ko", and "two teeth" is "ha 2-ko". In rare cases, suffixes are used to indicate the plural. For example, "watashi" means "I", and "watashi-tachi" means "we".

Picture Flash Cards

Flash cards such as these have the advantage that you don't need to use English when studying them. You just look at the picture, think about the thing in the picture, and say the word aloud in Japanese. Whenever you have lists of material nouns, you can make collections like this. Just get on the internet, download some pictures, and make a new deck.