BlockOn Happyokai


The annual BlockOn Happyokai (BlockOn発表会) was held at Yomiuri Hall (よみうりホール), a venue near Yurakucho in central Tokyo. Here are some pictures. There is also a low resolution video.

This time around I was in the Risa-YossY number. There were eight of us: Kanji, Miku, Yumi, Haruka, Chisato, Hikaru, Momoka, and me. Of all the numbers in the event, ours had the least people. That was of some concern to the organizers, because they prefer larger groups and therefore larger ticket sales, but for us dancing it made things simple. We weren't too crowded on stage, and the audience could see all of us.

20140809.02.Risa-Yumi.jpg 20140809.06.Kanji.jpg 20140809.09.Yumi-Miku-Douglas.jpg 20140809.14.Layla.jpg 20140809.17.African.jpg 20140810.06.RY.jpg