Japan Income Tax


For my job, I need to file my income taxes. Most people in Japan don't need to file, but my boss says I do. For filing taxes, I need income sheets from my employers over the last calendar year. These forms are called gensen choshuhyo (源泉徴収票). Typically they are sent to employees in December or January. They are often smallish pieces of paper (but not post cards), but different employers use different layouts. I have two of these: one from my job that ended last March and two from my current job. One of my employers gave me a shiharai chosho (支払調書), which is similar in function. The filing deadline is March 15th.

I have a gensen choshuhyo from one of my employers. This is something like a W2 form in the U.S. From my second employer, I have a shiharai chosho, which is something like a 1099 form in the U.S. These show each of my two main sources of income. The only other paperwork I need to file taxes is my bank book.

First, open a web browser. I usually use Firefox with AdBlock and NoScript, but apparently this breaks the tax website's JavaScript, so to file taxes I use Chrome or Chromium.


Browse to the tax agency website: https://www.keisan.nta.go.jp/. Click on the giant blue button that says 作成開始 to begin.


This page lets you choose if you want to do e-filing (e-Taxを選ぶ) or paper filing (書面での提出を選ぶ). The process is almost identical. If you e-file, you probably get your tax return slightly earlier. If you paper file you have to mail it in, but that means you can print it out and look at it together with other people and ask about confusing things before doing so. This year, like last year, I chose paper filing. I tried to e-file, but the website gave me some strange errors. Paper filing works fine, though.


Here the tax site tells us what computer specs it requires. If you have a regular desktop or laptop, you're probably fine. A cell phone might be pushing it (but you could try and see, if you're bored). To ignore the warnings, click the box in the center of the screen next to このパソコンの環境における、下記のチェック項目については、全て確認済みです。 and then click the green 入力終了(次へ) button at the bottom of the page.


There are various types of filings one can do. I click on the pink 所得税の確定申告書 box to file personal income tax.


Some people have simple tax situations, and some have complicated situations. If all you have is a gensen choshuhyo, you can use the blue 給与が1か所の方 button. Because I have a shiharai chosho, I click the red 左記に該当しない方 button.


On this page, enter your birth date in the 生年月日入力 section. Click 入力終了(次へ) to continue.


This is the page for entering gensen choshuhyo and shiharai chosho information. To enter my gensen choshuhyo, under 給与所得 I click on 入力する.


Using the colored legend, I enter information from the gensen choshuhyo. Most of the boxes aren't relevant to me, and I leave them empty. I click the green 入力終了(次へ) button to proceed. A pop-up asks me to confirm that my income was accurately entered. I click OK. This returns me to the previous screen. Next, to enter my shiharai chosho information, I click on 入力する under 雑所得 / その他.


There are six slots for miscellaneous income here. I only have one, so I only use the top section. Under 種目 I enter 報酬. Under 名称 I enter the company name as it appears on the shiharai chosho. Similarly, I copy the company address into the 場所 box. From the form, I copy the 支払金額 and 源泉徴収税額 numbers into the website's 収入金額 and 源泉徴収税額 boxes, respectively. I click on the green 入力終了(次へ) button to proceed. This returns me to the previous screen.


I've entered all of my income. Note the three grayed out boxes. Check that that is all correct, then click on the green 入力終了(次へ) button.


This page shows the tax deduction total (所得控除). My company's insurance is tax deductible. Click on the green 入力終了(次へ) button.


This page shows information about tax subsidies (税額控除). It doesn't apply to me. Click on the green 入力終了(次へ) button.


This page displays my tax refund in the 還付される金額は box in the middle of the screen. It also has a summary of essentially everything I entered above. Click on the green 入力終了(次へ) button.


This page shows some information about municipal tax. This isn't particularly relevant. Click on the green 入力終了(次へ) button.


On this page, enter your name, address, and related information. Be careful to use information identical to what's in your bank book, or perhaps your refund won't arrive, and you'll have to go to the tax office to fix things.

Once that information is entered, the entry process is complete. Click the green 申告書等作成終了 次へ button.


This screen has all the documents we need to download and print. Click on 帳票表示・印刷 to download the PDF. This file contains everything that you need. Save a copy, print out a copy, and send in everything you need to send in. One of the pages in the PDF has details on what goes where. After you've saved and printed the PDF, click on the green 印刷終了 次へ button.


There's nothing to do here. Click on the green 印刷後の確認終了 次へ button.


Save a copy of your tax data by clicking the 入力データを保存する button. After you finish that, click the green 終了 button. A dialog shows up. It says, 入力されたデータをクリアし、トップ画面に戻ります。 ご利用ありがとうございました。, which means all your data will be cleared if you click OK. You should have already printed out everything and saved the data, so click OK. That's it. You're done.