Motorcycle Riding in Japan


Here's some assorted information on motorcycle use in Japan.

Getting a License

Renting a Motorcycle

Motorcycle rentals in Japan are expensive but smooth. Expect to pay more to rent a small motorcycle than you would to rent a small car. Rental 819 is a national motorcycle rental service. Shops all over Japan are registered, and you can book your bike in English on the Rental 819 website. By law, a helmet is required to ride a motorcycle, and most rental shops will loan you one for a small fee. No other safety gear is legally required, and in my experience most shops don't have any of it for rent.

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Famous Motorcycle Rides in Japan

The blog Motorcycle Paradise has a list they took from a Japanese motorcycle magazine of the top sixteen motorcycle roads in Japan. The same list can be found on GaijinRiders.com. Here's my abbreviated version.