BlockOn Happyokai


The annual BlockOn Happyokai (BlockOn発表会) was held at the Mitaka Kokaido (三鷹市公会堂), a venue adjacent to Mitaka City Hall. There were virtually identical shows: 3PM (3:00 door and 3:30 curtain) and a 6PM (6:00 door and 6:30 curtain). They say the second show is better because the performers relax. But then again, the performers also get tired. I guess you'd have to see both to make determination on that one.

2013-07-09.01.BlockOn.jpg 2013-07-09.02.BlockOn.jpg 2013-08-25.002.Ticket.jpg

The way these shows work is that instructors are asked to form groups of students to perform. I regularly go to a fair number of dance classes, and perhaps half of those teachers have numbers in this event. This time I'm in two numbers: Ryota's and Layla's. Some people are in three, though the majority only appear in one, because practice time gets tight. For this event, each number is around five minutes long, though for other events with fewer groups the numbers tend to be longer. The order of the numbers is as follows.

  1. インストラクターナンバー
  2. LAYLA
  4. SHOKO
  6. RYO-TA
  7. ぱんだーず
  8. YOH
  9. ちかぴーや
  10. KANA
  11. かじゅ
  12. pirori-no
  13. MIYUKI
  14. MARI
  15. Acchan1
  16. MAYUMI
  17. ちゃう
  18. Acchan2
  19. フィナーレ

Ryota's Number

2013-07-28.11.Cake.jpg 2013-08-25.601.Ryota.jpg 2013-08-25.603.BlockOn.jpg 2013-08-25.604.Yuna-Douglas.jpg 2013-08-25.606.Ryota.jpg 2013-08-25.901.Ryota.jpg

Layla's Number

2013-08-16.01.Yoshikawa-Douglas.jpg 2013-08-17.04.Rilakkuma.jpg 2013-08-25.022.Aoi.jpg 2013-08-25.023.Totti-Shima-Douglas.jpg 2013-08-25.024.Douglas-Kayo.jpg 2013-08-25.028.Layla.jpg 2013-08-25.029.Layla.jpg 2013-08-25.030.Douglas-Satomi.jpg 2013-08-25.031.Layla.jpg 2013-08-25.032.Layla.jpg

Other Pictures

Here are some other assorted pictures from the day. Some of these pictures are of other numbers or other people who I danced with in the First Happyokai four months ago.

2013-08-25.090.Opening.jpg 2013-08-25.110.Aoi.jpg 2013-08-25.701.Finale.jpg 2013-08-25.702.Finale.jpg 2013-08-25.800.Saeko-Douglas.jpg