First Happyokai


I started doing hip hop dance in May, 2012, not long after coming to Tokyo. There were some opportunities to try it up in Akita, but the commute was prohibitively long. Accordingly, I didn't bother then but do now. My studio has a happyokai this month (April 28 and 29) at Sogetsu Hall (草月ホール) in Aoyama. I'm dancing in two numbers: Tomoichi Number and Mari Number. For a recital like this, the dance school teachers each form groups and put together a seven minute performance. The show, then, is composed of eight or ten seven minute clips, plus an intro and a finale.

20130420.0198.Jishuren.jpg 20130428.0284.Adam-Douglas.jpg 20130428.0287.African.jpg
20130429.0297.Yui Number.jpg