Todd and Michan


Todd and Michan got married in October. They had a very nice ceremony at Anraku Onsen in Honjo. A couple dozen foreigners (mostly Todd's friends and family) and a couple dozen Japanese guests (mostly Michan's friends and family) attended. The foreign side was a little louder and crazier, but it's anyone's guess which side drank more. The Mr. Sasada, the head of the Yurihonjo Board of Education, came and gave a speech. To have the city superintendent speak at one's wedding is kind of amazing.

2012-09-22.2733.wedding.hammer.jpg 2012-09-22.2735.wedding.todd.jpg 2012-09-22.2751.wedding.cake.jpg 2012-09-22.2757.wedding.amanda-david.jpg 2012-09-22.2759.wedding.liam.jpg 2012-09-22.2767.wedding.couple.jpg 2012-09-22.2776.wedding.jon.jpg 2012-09-22.2800.wedding.honma-couple.jpg 2012-09-22.2803.wedding.taylor-minami-zikon.jpg