Yashima Junior High School


Here are pictures from Yashima Junior High School (矢島中学校) in Yurihonjo, Akita. This school building opened in April, 2009. The old school building, located next to the softball stadium and Seishonen Home until it was demolished in 2010, had been used for 62 years. The new junior high school shares a building with the new high school. Teachers are mostly separate, but some classrooms (cooking classrooms, the gym, science classrooms) are shared between the schools.

20090509.0786.jpg 20090509.0785.jpg 20101023.6748.jpg 20110721.2214.jpg 20090313.0102.jpg 20090313.0112.jpg 20090313.0117.jpg 20090313.0114.jpg 20111020.4764.yashima_jhs.kendo.jpg 20110707.1679.jpg Chokai/Yashima_Design_1.gif Chokai/Yashima_Design_2.gif Chokai/Yashima_JHS_Song.png Chokai/Yashima_Logo.gif Chokai/Yashima_Profile.gif Chokai/Yashima_Map_2.png

The above maps are from OpenStreetMap (© OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA 2.0). For the school history, see the Old Yashima JHS page. Here is the school song: PDF & ly.