Shikinejima and Yokohama


Here are some pictures from Yokohama and Shikinejima. I took them over Christmas vacation in late 2009 and early 2010. David, Jon, and I all went to Tokyo and then Yokohama, just to the SE. Jon went off to visit some friends, and David and I took the overnight ferry out to Izu Oshima and Shikinejima. After we returned, we did a bit more sightseeing in Yokohama and then drove back to Akita.


2009-12-30.2495.jpg 2009-12-30.2498.jpg 2009-12-30.2508.jpg 2009-12-30.2516.jpg 2009-12-30.2517.jpg 2009-12-30.2523.jpg 2009-12-30.2524.jpg 2009-12-30.2528.jpg


2009-12-31.2532.jpg 2009-12-31.2546.jpg 2009-12-31.2550.jpg 2009-12-31.2552.jpg 2009-12-31.2555.jpg 2009-12-31.2560.jpg 2009-12-31.2561.jpg 2009-12-31.2563.jpg 2009-12-31.2568.jpg 2009-12-31.2569.jpg 2009-12-31.2576.jpg 2010-01-01.2594.jpg 2010-01-01.2597.jpg 2010-01-01.2604.jpg 2010-01-01.2610.jpg 2010-01-01.2613.jpg 2010-01-01.2615.jpg 2010-01-01.2625.jpg


2010-01-02.2637.jpg 2010-01-02.2651.jpg