The Appalachian Trail


In 2004 I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

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Here are lists of my stops and gear.


DayDateLocationDaily MilesTotal Miles
05/20Amicalola Lodge Road0.00.0
15/20Springer Mountain Shelter0.20.2
25/21Wood's Hole Shelter26.427.0
Neel's Gap - Package at Walasi Yi
35/22Low Gap Shelter14.741.3
45/23Tray Mountain Shelter14.956.4
55/24Muskrat Creek Shelter22.478.4
65/25Big Spring Shelter19.397.7
75/26Siler Bald Shelter12.8111.0
85/27Wesser / Nantahala Outdoor Center21.2132.2
Wesser - Package at N.O.C.
95/28Sassafras Gap Shelter6.9141.0
105/29Fontana "Hilton" Dam Shelter20.9162.8
115/30Mollies Ridge Shelter11.0174.1
125/31Double Spring Gap Shelter19.4193.0
136/01Pecks Corner Shelter21.2214.6
146/02Davenport Gap / Mountain Mamas20.9235.5
Davenport Gap - Resupply at Mountain Mamas
156/03Roaring Fork Shelter20.9256.0
166/04Hot Springs / Camp Ground14.9270.9
Hot Springs - Package at Elmers
176/05Jerry Cabin Shelter25.0297.3
186/06Bald Mountain Shelter24.8322.0
196/07Erwin / Uncle Johnnys16.9338.9
Erwin - Package at Miss Janets
206/08Erwin / Uncle Johnnys0.0338.9
216/09Clyde Smith Shelter25.1364.1
226/10Apple House Shelter20.2385.1
236/11Dennis Cove / Kincora / Peoples24.1409.2
Kincora - Resupply at grocery store
246/12Iron Mountain Shelter24.3433.5
256/13Damascus / The Place26.3459.8
Damascus - Package at Mt Rogers Outfitters
266/14Lost Mountain Shelter15.8475.6
276/15Old Orchard Shelter23.2498.8
286/16Partnership Shelter24.7523.5
Grouseclose - Package at Relax Inn
296/17Knot Maul Branch Shelter25.5549.0
306/18Helveys Mill Shelter33.1582.1
316/19Woods Hole Hostel30.1612.2
326/20Pearisburg / Holy Family Hostel10.0622.2
Pearisburg - Package at Rendezvous Inn
336/21Pearisburg / Holy Family Hostel0.0622.2
346/22Bailey Gap Shelter23.5645.5
356/23Niday Shelter27.0672.5
366/24Campbell Shelter26.0698.5
Daleville - Package at Outdoor Trails Outfitter
376/25Wilson Creek Shelter26.6725.1
386/26Thunder Hill Shelter30.9756.0
396/27Punchbowl Shelter25.1781.3
406/28The Priest Shelter31.8812.9
416/29Rustys Hard Time Hollow13.6826.5
426/30Waynesboro / YMCA Camping21.1847.6
Waynesboro - Package at P.O.
437/01Calf Mountain Shelter7.0854.9
Lost Mountain Campground - Resupply
447/02Pinefield Hut25.6880.9
457/03Rock Spring Hut32.1913.1
Elkwallow - Resupply
467/04Range View Cabin (porch)23.5936.6
477/05Jim And Molly Denton Shelter23.5959.9
487/06Bears Den Hostel28.8988.7
497/07Harpers Ferry Hostel22.41012.1
Harpers Ferry - Package at ATC Headquarters
507/08Pine Knob Shelter20.11032.2
517/09Tumbling Run Shelters25.91058.1
527/10PGFSP / Ironmasters Mansion29.41090.2
PGFSP - Resupply at General Store
537/11Darlington Shelter31.21121.4
Duncannon - Resupply at gas station
547/12Clarks Ferry Shelter15.91137.3
557/13Rausch Gap Shelter24.31161.9
567/14Eagles Nest Shelter32.51194.4
Port Clinton - Package at P.O.
577/15Eckville Shelter23.81218.1
587/16Smith Gap Road37.41241.6
597/17Delaware Water Gap / Hostel20.21279.0
Delaware Water Gap - Resupply at gas station
607/18Brink Road Shelter24.81304.0
617/19Pochuck Mountain Shelter32.01335.8
627/20Wildcat Shelter23.81359.6
Bear Mt Lodge - Resupply at candy machine
637/21Graymoor Friary34.91394.5
647/22RPH Shelter18.81413.3
657/23Ten Mile River Lean-to29.31442.9
Kent - Package at Outfitters
667/24Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-to15.71458.6
677/25Riga Lean-to29.81488.4
687/26Mt Wilcox North Lean-to31.51520.2
697/27Dalton / Rob's Place34.61554.8
Dalton - Resupply at grocery store
707/28Dalton / Rob's Place0.01554.8
717/29Seth Warner Shelter29.21584.9
727/30Story Spring Shelter30.51615.4
737/31Peru Peak Shelter31.21646.4
748/01Clarendon Shelter23.31669.8
758/02Inn At Long Trail18.31698.1
Inn At Long Trail - Package
768/03Cloudland Shelter27.31725.4
Hanover - Resupply at grocery store
778/04Hanover / Jonjon's Place16.91732.2
788/05Hexacuba Shelter28.71761.2
Glenncliff - Package at hostel
798/06Beaver Brook Shelter22.61783.8
808/07Lonesome Lake Hut15.01798.3
818/08Ethan Pond Campsite27.71826.2
828/09Pinkham Notch28.91855.1
Pinkham Notch - Package
838/10Gorham / The Barn21.21876.3
Gorham - Package at P.O.
848/11Carlo Col Shelter17.01893.5
858/12Frye Notch Lean-to19.91913.1
868/13Bemis Mountain Lean-to23.31936.4
Rangeley - Resupply at I.G.A.
878/14Piazza Rock Lean-to19.51955.9
888/15Sugarloaf Summit House19.81975.7
898/16West Carry Pond Lean-to33.22008.9
Caratunk - Resupply at Caratunk House
908/17Pleasant Pond Lean-to19.72028.6
918/18Monson / Shaw's31.02059.6
Monson - Package at Shaw's
928/19Cloud Pond Lean-to19.12079.0
938/20East Branch Lean-to27.62106.3
948/21Wadleigh Stream Lean-to29.62135.9
Abol Bridge - Resupply at Camp Store
958/22Pine Point27.22163.1
968/23Mount Katahdin11.02174.1


BackpackGoLite JamM2280GoLite1In pack
BooksAT 2004 Databook45ATC1In pack
BooksThru-Hiker's Companion8.520ATC1In pack
ClothesCabela's Wind-Stop Hat2.120Cabela's1In pack
ClothesClothes stuffsack451In pack
ClothesCompression shortsM3.8201Wearing
ClothesEmergency Poncho6.85Wal-Mart1In pack
ClothesFleece jacketM12301In pack
ClothesPolyPro long underwearM5301In pack
ClothesREI nylon t-shirtM6.620REI1Wearing
ClothesREI nylon t-shirtM6.620REI1In pack
ClothesSmartwool mini-crew socksM215sockcompany1Wearing
ClothesSmartwool mini-crew socksM215sockcompany1In pack
ClothesUmbro shortsM3.8201Wearing
ClothesWristwatch with alarm0.88Wal-Mart1Wearing
CookingBIC lighter0.71K-Mart2In pack
CookingEvernew Ultralight titanium pot1.3L4.640REI1In pack
CookingMargarine tub4C0.82K-Mart1In pack
CookingREI polycarbonate teaspoon0.32REI1In pack
CookingSoda-can stove0.421In pack
CookingStove stand from duct0.61Ace Hardware1In pack
CookingWind-screen from foil0.82Safeway1In pack
HealthBert's Res-Q Ointment0.85Walasi-Yi1In pack
HealthFirst-aid kit611REI1In pack
HealthToilet paper & ziplock3.21K-Mart1In pack
HealthToothbrush & paste & ziplock34K-Mart1In pack
HealthVitamin I30x1.25K-Mart1In pack
PolesLeki hiking poles19.670Mountain Chalet1Wearing
ShoesFlip-flops105.45Wal-Mart1In pack
ShoesNorth Face Vapor Lights9.52790North Face1Wearing
SleepingFleece bag22401In pack
Tools20' cord & 3 AAAs & ziplock2.251In pack
ToolsPetzl Tikka headlamp w/ batteries2.728REI1In pack
ToolsSwiss Army Climber knife2.830REI1In pack
WaterDasani bottle1L0.81Safeway2In pack
WaterPolar-Pure4.820REI1In pack

Pack weight: 8 lbs 10 oz, total weight: 12 lbs 10 oz, price: $683.