Famous People Posters


There's a type of activity where students are given a poster with information and make a short presentation explaining that information to their classmates. Several years ago, Adam gave me the idea for country posters. The following year, we made posters about celebrities.

Here's how it works. Students are placed in groups of three or four. They are given or choose a poster about a celebrity. They use the information displayed there to prepare and then deliver a short presentation introducing that celebrity to the class. These posters are suitable for seventh and eighth grade students.

It turns out that doing research and then making nice graphical materials and then delivering a speech is a lengthy and difficult process. By using posters like this, students focus their efforts on the latter half of the process: using graphical materials in a presentation. Given enough time, a teacher might first use these posters and some time later assign students to do their own research on a similar topic.

2016-09-03.02.Audrey Hepburn.jpg

2016-09-03.03.Emma Watson.jpg


2016-09-03.05.Taylor Swift.jpg

2016-09-03.06.Ken Watanabe.jpg

2016-09-03.07.Angela Merkel.jpg


Here are the posters and worksheet. They can be opened and edited using LibreOffice. These files are also on Archive.org.

After students deliver their presentations, play a short video clip of the celebrity.

2016-09-03.01.Famous People Posters.jpg