Country Maps


For my students who are planning to go abroad, we want to print out and put up some maps of the destination countries in the classroom. Here are the maps. For the world maps, I quarter them, print them out in A3 size, and tape them together. It would be simpler to order a large nice-looking world map, if you have the money. For single-country maps, a single A4 sheet is all we need.


World Map.svg
2015-06-26.10.World Map.UL.png 2015-06-26.11.World Map.UR.png 2015-06-26.12.World Map.LL.png 2015-06-26.13.World Map.LR.png
2015-06-26.20.World Map.png
2015-06-26.21.World Map.UL.png 2015-06-26.22.World Map.UR.png 2015-06-26.23.World Map.LL.png 2015-06-26.24.World Map.LR.png


2015-07-01.01.Australia.png 2017-07-05.03.Canada.png 2017-07-05.01.Czech.png 2016-06-15.02.France.jpg 2015-07-01.10.Finland.jpg 2016-06-15.03.Germany.png 2016-06-15.01.Hungary.png 2016-06-15.05.Italy.png 2016-06-15.06.Jordan.png 2015-07-01.02.New Zealand.png 2016-06-15.07.South Korea.png 2017-07-05.02.Spain.png 2016-06-15.04.Sweden.png 2015-07-01.05.USA.png 2015-07-01.11.USA.png