Tea Ceremony


In May, the students at my school in the international studies track (my homeroom) had several lessons on the tea ceremony as part of their comparative culture class. Here are some pictures, mostly of the sweets that are served along with the tea.

Day One

2015-05-02.03.Wagashi.jpg 2015-05-02.04.Wagashi.jpg 2015-05-02.05.Wagashi.jpg 2015-05-02.06.Wagashi.jpg 2015-05-02.12.Wagashi.jpg 2015-05-02.13.Sign.jpg 2015-05-02.14.Tea.jpg

Day Two

The tea ceremony involves a lot of sitting in seiza, with your legs folded under your body and your knees forward. That can get painful if you do it for too long. Oh well!

2015-05-16.04.Water.jpg 2015-05-16.05.Flowers.jpg 2015-05-16.06.Sweet.jpg 2015-05-16.07.Sweet.jpg 2015-05-16.08.Sweet.jpg


There's a wagashi store not far from my house. I bought some sweets, took some pictures, and then ate them. Many of the sweets served at the tea ceremony are filled with red bean paste. Each sweet is crafted to look like a plant, and everything is seasonal.

2015-06-13.10.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.11.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.12.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.13.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.14.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.15.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.16.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.17.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.18.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.19.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.20.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.21.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.23.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.24.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-13.22.Wagashi.jpg

More Sweets

A second wagashi store is located between my house and the train station. Here are some sweets from that shop.

2015-06-29.07.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-29.08.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-29.09.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-29.10.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-29.11.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-29.12.Wagashi.jpg 2015-06-29.13.Wagashi.jpg 2015-07-22.01.Himawari.jpg 2015-07-22.02.Himawari.jpg 2015-07-22.03.Kingyo.jpg 2015-07-22.04.Kingyo.jpg 2015-07-22.05.Seiryu.jpg 2015-07-22.06.Seiryu.jpg 2015-07-22.07.Hoozuki.jpg 2015-07-22.08.Hoozuki.jpg 2015-07-22.09.Hoozuki.jpg 2015-07-22.10.Wagashi.jpg


2017-10-28.02.Tea.jpg 2017-11-04.01.Tea.jpg 2017-11-04.06.Tea.jpg 2017-11-04.07.Wagashi.jpg 2017-11-04.09.Tea.jpg


20180517.3.Tea.jpg 20180531.4.Tea.jpg 20180531.5.Tea.jpg