Autumn Leaves


Autumn came a few weeks ago and is almost gone. There are a few leaves still hanging on, but they'll soon be gone, and with them the season. Autumn is my favorite season. I don't know why. Maybe because the weather is good for playing outside. There are pretty colors, too, not to mention the wonderful holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Regardless, here are some pictures.

2012-11-26.3170.musashino_u.jpg 2012-12-01.3172.mitaka.jpg 2012-12-01.3179.mitaka.jpg 2012-12-01.3180.mitaka.jpg 2012-12-01.3181.mitaka.jpg 2012-12-01.3183.mitaka.jpg 2012-12-01.3184.mitaka.jpg 2012-12-01.3187.mitaka.jpg 2012-12-06.3193.itsukaichikaido.jpg 2012-12-06.3194.itsukaichikaido.jpg 2012-12-06.3195.itsukaichikaido.jpg 2012-12-06.3196.itsukaichikaido.jpg 2012-12-06.3197.musashino_u.jpg 2012-12-06.3198.musashino_u.jpg 2012-12-24.3390.mitaka.jpg

These pictures were taken in Nishitokyo, Musashino, and Mitaka, all within a few kilometers of my apartment here in Tokyo.